Finesse Granular Worm Castings with Humate

Dry, Granular Stress Reduction & Root Growth Biostimulant Formula. 

Finesse GVH Granulated Biological Soil Restoration & Coreless Aeration Amendment. This is a soil-catalyst that sparks the natural processes of biological development found in Nature. It's not a fertilizer and it's not a soil amendment, but rather a biological restoration facilitator. It supplies all the traits of a healthy soil; rich organic matter, stable carbon, diverse biology plus food sources to feed that biology, and powerful nutrient holding and transport compounds that sustain plant health. 


Common problems like thatch and compaction are naturally eliminated without the need for mechanical tools, when Finesse GVH is used properly.


Granular worm castings with humates. Great when applied with core aeration. Finesse GVH is a premium high-biology soil supplement derived from homogenously mixing and granulating high-end biology-driven composts, organic carbon sources, polysaccharides, hydroxycarboxylic acids, and soluble humate extract. There is no other product on the market that can compare in its ability to transform soil in a relatively short period of time.

  • Usage:
    • Turfs, landscape beds and gardens
  • Soil amending ingredients: 
    • Natural Earthworm Casting Compost
    • TeraVita Leonardite (minimum of 85% humic acids)
    • TeraVita Soluble Humate Extract

Packaging: 40 x 50 lb bags
Application Rate: 10 lbs/1000 


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