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Organic Fertilizer

  • ICT Organics  1-2-3 Tree™
    $74.50 Choose Options ICT Organics 1-2-3 Tree™
    1-2-3 Tree™ alters the microbial balance more in favor of fungal species and is intended for woody plant applications such as transplanting and soil injection. Fungal symbiosis has been shown to enhance protection...
  •  Organic Approach® Finesse GVH
    $0.00 Organic Approach® Finesse GVH
    Granular worm castings with humates. Great when applied with core aeration.   Packaging: 40 x 50lb bagsApplication Rate: 10 lbs/1000    Pricing: CALL FOR FULL TRUCKLOAD AND PALLET PRICING:...

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