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Finalsan® Contact Herbicide

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Product Description

Finalsan® Contact Herbicide 

*For best results apply with Yucca Extract*


Finalsan® is a non-selective contact herbicide. OMRI Listed. The active ingredient of Finalsan®, ammoniated soap of fatty acids, penetrates the wax layer (cuticle, bloom) of the leaf.  The lipophile portion of the fatty acid ultimately destroys the plant's epidermis cell membranes. This causes a fast release of cell material and the plant dries up quickly. Finalsan® controls grass, weeds, moss, and algae. Finalsan® can be used around turf, ornamentals, and food crop areas including parks, playgrounds, golf, schools, and areas with pesticide bans/concerns.  Finalsan® also controls moss & algae on roofs, decks, walks and sidings. Finalsan s unique features: , Works in cool weather. Kills within one hour, Will synergize conventional herbicides



2x2.5 gal 

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