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Entry™ Biodegradable Deicing - Liquid Ice-Melt Spray

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Product Description

New - Branch Creek Entry liquid ice-melt spray starts to work immediately and is safer for use around children and pets. 

50% OFF - January 3-10, 2019.

Must Call (609) 468-1905 or Email techterra@comcast.net to receive promotion.

Promotion- Certain restrictions apply.


Chloride-Free, Salt-Free, Residue-Free

  • Starts melting snow on contact

  • Creates safer surfaces in as little as 30 seconds!

  • Eliminates messy granular tracking

  • Protects again refreeze and black ice


Great for Use On:

  • Decks, Driveways, Porches, Steps, Walkways


Safer for Use Around:

  • Pets * Children * Concrete * Grass * Metals* Plants * Waterways


Made in the USA


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