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Ecotrol Plus

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Ecotrol Plus

Made from natural oils, Ecotrol Plus is a mite and insect killing agent effective against larvae, nymphs, eggs, and even certain adult pests. It can even be used to repel invasive beetles!  Ecotrol is OMRI Listed, which means it complies with the most stringent organic standards.

Ecotrol works by attacking insects' movement, heart rate, behavior, and metabolism, causing signs of toxicity in the insect.

"The Ecotrol Plus is amazing! The Japanese beetles have, as you say, 'got out of Dodge!' I sprayed all my fruit trees and they immediately took off. I also sprayed some some other bushes and flowers that had some kind of small fly and aphids and it helped those too. I have not seen any of the bugs or beetles on the plants and trees since."...User in CT 

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