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CLARUS ® Pro™ 16-2-3 Screamin' Green®


Product Description

#1 Seller. A truly amazing fertilizer containing organic matter essential for soil life and formulated with a dynamic array of nitrogen sources. 


(16-2-3) 60% srn with 1% Ca, 4% S, 1% Fe 

Packaging: Pallet 40 x 50 lb Bags
Application Rates: 4 lbs/1000


Pricing:  THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. Available ONLY from your local SiteOne Landscape Supply Location

SiteOne Location:  https://www.siteone.com/home/locations.aspx

SiteOne Contact : 800-SiteOne


For additional questions contact us at info@techterraenvironmental.com or 609-468-1905



CLARUS Pro™ is a trademark registered by Nutrients PLUS®


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