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CLARUS ® 100™ 4-3-1 Dynamic Duo®


Product Description

An all purpose application ideal for delivering high volumes of two organic matter sources to the soil.

(4-3-1) 70% srn. 55% Organic Matter with 5% Ca, 1% S, 1% Fe


Packaging: Pallet 40 x 50lb Bags
Application Rates: 10 lbs/1000


Pricing:  THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. Contact your local SiteOne branch.  

SiteOne Website: https://www.siteone.com/home/locations.aspx

SiteOne Contact : 800-SiteOne


For additional questions contact us at info@techterraenvironmental.com or 609-468-1905


  • 55% Organic Matter - 70% WIN
  • Contains exceptional quality biosolids, created from the valuable 90% WIN (a mostly hot water insoluble nitrogen ) and compost from the Nature Pure's 50% WIN (a mostly cold water insoluble nitrogen).
  • Plant feedings are then evenly distributed as quick, slow and season-long release. Moreover, 4-3-1 is teeming with stimulating soil life components. Certain microbes are attracted to Nature Pure organic compounds and others quickly colonize the biosolid for broad-spectrum soil biology that neither one alone provides.
  • 4-3-1
    70% Water Insoluble Nitrogen with 5% Ca, 1% S, 1% Fe



CLARUS 100™ is a registered trademark of Nutriends PLUS®



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